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Payment, Taxes, and Refund Policy

Payment for Our Services

When you buy products through our lead generation service, you agree to pay for them, and we’ll charge your chosen payment method for the amount shown on the payment page. The total cost will include the product price and any applicable taxes. All purchases are final, and we don’t offer refunds, except in specific cases where a 10% processing fee may apply. Please note that prices for products offered through our service can change at any time, and we don’t provide price protection or refunds for price reductions or promotions.

Lead Refund and Return Policy

At AtoZinsurances, we understand that leads are valuable, and we’ve designed a straightforward policy to address potential returns based on our experience in the insurance industry.

Eligibility for Lead Returns

We want you to succeed with the leads you purchase from us, so we have some basic guidelines to allow for lead returns under certain circumstances. These returns will be reviewed and approved by our Lead Development Team on a case-by-case basis. Here are some key points:

1. Contact Attempts: Make at least two contact attempts on the first day and one attempt on the second day. Skip the third day and try one more time on the fourth day. Additionally, we recommend sending an email after your first contact attempt. Only after following these steps can you request a lead return.

2. Early Returns: We won’t accept returns in the first four days to allow for reasonable contact efforts.

3. Filters: Returns are allowed if the lead doesn’t match the filters you selected during the signup process.

4. Non-Interest and Quoting: We do not offer returns if the customer expresses disinterest in a quote or if you choose not to quote the customer for any reason.

5. Consumer Recall: Returns are not allowed if the consumer doesn’t recall filling out our quote request form or receiving a call from our verification team.

Our main goal is to provide you with high-intent consumers who have willingly requested to speak with an agent about their insurance needs. We take steps to ensure this through our call verification process.

Call Verification: We have a dedicated call verification team that confirms consumer intent before delivering the lead to you. If the consumer declines or states they are not interested during the confirmation call, rest assured that the lead won’t be delivered to you.

Return Limit: Our network’s average return rate is around 10%. While we do allow returns beyond this rate on a case-by-case basis, we may decline excessive return requests. We reserve the right to deny a return request for any reason.

Please use the return system and process as specified in our conditions. If you consistently attempt to return leads at a rate exceeding 10%, whether accepted or denied, it may impact your ability to return leads in the future. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

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