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Our Team

Meet the awesome folks who make learning about money super enjoyable! Get to know our fantastic team and discover the awesome individuals behind AtoZinsurances.

Andy Walker

Chief Executive Officer

Andy is in charge of managing client relationships and developing revenue growth strategies. He transitioned from the corporate insurance sector to pursue entrepreneurship in 2011 and has been successful in building strong client relationships. He's been actively involved in strategies and expanding our agent network from 5,000 to 27,000 through a strategic alliance. Andy is committed to fostering personal and professional growth within the group and aims to leave a lasting legacy.

Victor Perrero

Chief Technology Officer

Victor is in charge of our tech stuff. He's the one making sure we use technology to make customers happy and get more people interested in what we offer. Since the beginning, we've wanted to rely on our tech stuff, not buy ready-made solutions. We spend time and money to create tech that suits our business.

Alex Huber

Chief Content Creator & Editor

Alex Huber is an experienced content writer and editor specializing in insurance and finance. Working for Atoz Insurances, he produces a variety of clear and concise articles on topics like insurance tips and debunking common myths. His wealth of industry experience and engaging writing style make him a sought-after freelance writer. Huber's proficiency extends beyond content creation; he's a reliable and highly-rated professional who excels in communication and collaboration. His expertise in insurance and finance ensures that his content is both informative and captivating.

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