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It is perfectly possible to insure two or more cars with the same insurance company for one driver. And if you do that then you may also qualify for a special multi-car discount on premium regardless of whether you buy liability-only policy or full coverage.

This might come as a surprise as many of you will be wondering if two vehicles can be insured on the same policy especially when there is only one driver in the household. Besides, some of you may even want to know how much you will have to spend on your insurance for two vehicles.

Well, we are here to guide you in navigating through the process with ease. All you need to do is just give us some basic personal and financial details as well as information pertaining to the cars that you intend to insure against your name. Leave the rest to our experts to secure a multi-vehicle auto insurance solution for one driver which best fits your specific driving needs and budget.

Our experts will make sure that you get your cars get adequate level of coverage for both the cars under one single umbrella policy and that too at the right price! To get started with the shopping task, contact us online today! Fill and submit a quick online quotes request form from the comfort of our home now!

Atozinsurances.com has powerful online comparison tools that can enable you to compare the best as well as the cheapest multi-car insurance quotes within minutes. Act to save lot of time and money!

Can One Driver Insure Two Cars On The Same Insurance Policy? Find Out Now

For many of you getting insurance for two cars one driver may seem like a distant dream. However, these days you can find companies that provide coverage for two cars to one single driver. In fact, you can even get discount on premium for insuring two or more cars for one driver. So, when you have two or more cars under one ownership name, there is little need to purchase separate policies for each vehicle. And insurers that provide two cars one insurance covers may be willing to offer you sustainable premium rates depending on your age, gender, car-types, credit history and past driving record.

Besides, majority of the car insurance providers may also provide special discount on coverage by insuring two cars for one driver on a policy. Nevertheless, extensive comparison shopping is necessary for finding the best and the cheapest quote as the car coverage features, limits and premium discounts will vary from company to company. The average multi-vehicle insurance discount varies from 10% to 25% depending on the insurer that you are working with. Our experts may help you to determine how much you can save by way of discounts on premium for insurance of two cars under one policy.

Why It Is Cheaper To Have Two Cars One Driver Insurance Coverage?

By insuring two cars under an insurance policy with just one driver name, you can save money. This is because you will not be required to buy separate insurance coverage for each car. While most of the auto insurance providers will provide special multi-car premium discount, it is important that both the vehicles, which are to be insured with one policy, are registered under the same residential address. In addition, both the vehicles must also be parked at the same place.

Getting insurance on two cars for one driver can be a complex procedure as each state may have different set of rules and regulations for governing auto insurance. In addition, coverage limits as well as accident and theft rates will vary from state to state. So, the best way to save money on your two cars one driver insurance cover is to determine your eligibility to get as many discounts as possible and compare several free quote estimates provided by top rated standard as well as non-standard auto insurance companies.

Company NameMultiple-Car Discounts On Yearly Premium Percentage
21st CenturyYes – n/a
AAAYes – n/a
American FamilyYes – N/A
AmeripriseYes – N/A
AmicaYes –15%
AmicaYes –15%
Country FinancialYes –15%
EsuranceYes – N/A
FarmersYes – N/A
GEICOYes –25%
NationwideYes –20%
Liberty MutualYes –10%
MetLifeYes –N/A

Thus, it is possible for you to save anywhere in the range 10% to 25% on your two cars insurance quote for one driver.

If the United States Census Bureau reports are to be believed, almost 21% of the households in the country own 3 vehicles or more. And most of the car insurance companies may provide coverage for up to 4 cars under one single policy for non-fleet vehicle owners. Hence, if you bundle insurance for multiple vehicles in your household, you can cut down on premiums in a big way and save hundreds. You can learn about the other methods to bring premiums down drastically by talking to our experts. To get started with the task of saving extra money, contact us now!

How To Insure Two Cars For One Driver And A Household Teen Driver?

Although it is possible for two drivers of the household to insure a jointly owned vehicle under two separate policies, such a move is not advisable. It might only prove to be waste of money as the car coverage levels may remain the same. Instead, it will be much cheaper to insure one car with joint ownership under one single auto insurance policy. You can get the best coverage terms at the lowest premium rate. XYZ.com can assist you in finding the best and cheapest car insurance quote for two household drivers listed on the auto insurance policy. Act now!

Even insurers may not be very willing to provide two different policies for a jointly owned car. They are likely to face some risk by providing such “stacking coverage”. Besides, by doing so, companies are also exposed to the risk of falling prey to some kind of insurance fraud as well as a violation known as “unjust enrichment”. Such a thing is a real possibility when a driver already has a covered financial loss but still files claim on two separate policies for one vehicle. You need to know that this type of an act is punishable by law with steep fines and jail terms.

However, if you have a teen son/daughter who has or not yet turned legal for driving car that is insured then you can take note of the below mentioned things:

  • You can purchase a single multi-driver vehicle insurance cover on which names of all drivers within your household are listed for driving the insured vehicle at any point of time.
  • If your teen is below 18 and is still residing with you it is quite unlikely that any vehicle insurance company will issue a separate car policy. In that case, your teen’s name has to be added to your auto insurance cover if he/she is yet not listed on the policy.
  • In case, the vehicle that is to be insured is owned by your teen who has attained legal age to drive car then your teen can buy separate car insurance policy is he/she has sufficient income. Even if such a proposition is beneficial but it will be expensive as no other driver from the household can be listed on such a separate policy as teen drivers’ coverage risks are high.
  • If, as a parent, you have doubt that your older teen lacks sufficient coverage then you can review coverage levels by consulting a local agent.
  • When your teen has a separate auto insurance cover for a vehicle that is owned by him/her but is still likely to use your personal car then it is important that his/her name is listed on your vehicle insurance policy.

Is It Legally Possible To Have Two Insurance Policies For The Same Vehicle?

By law, a car owner driver can buy two insurance policies for the same vehicle. But one insurance provider will not offer coverage for the same vehicle. You may have to purchase second insurance cover from a different insure and spend extra money for paying premium for another policy on the same car. But you need to be aware that smaller and less expensive vehicles might not require two auto insurance policies. Isn’t it ironical that you can insure two cars with one single driver under one insurance cover but not two cars under one insurance policy for a single driver?

Many drivers accidently buy two auto insurance policies for the same car but they are unaware that they already have an active car insurance cover. And there may be few others that purchase second car insurance cover especially when they are owners of classic or luxury vehicle(s). But you must know that even if your vehicle is insured with two separate insurers, it is illegal to file a claim with both the insurers. Such a proposal can amount to a fraud if you get paid for damages caused to your car post an accident by both the car insurance providers.

Thus, buying two auto insurance policies for the same vehicle is perfectly legal but filing claims with both the insurers is not. At the same time, you can insure two cars with the same insurer for a single driver! Learn more about getting multi-car insurance for one driver online by talking to an expert today!

Here Is A List Of Important FAQS
There are several ways in which postal workers’ auto insurance will affect premium. Companies like GEICO may offer federal employee discount which is not available for drivers that belong to various other categories. As a postal employee, you may be travelling more on road and for insurers and so, the probability of meeting with an accident/crash is always there. It increases the coverage risks for insurers.

When a postal employee meets with a car accident off-duty, the car’s insurance company will cover the resulting damages. But if the car accident occurs while making postal deliveries, the damages may not be covered by the insurance provider. This is because standard auto insurance policies are meant for cars in personal use. So, postal employees have to purchase commercial insurance.

No. Your income won’t have any effect on your California auto insurance rates. Instead other income related factors like your age, gender, driving record, etc. will impact the car insurance premiums in California.

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