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Find the Cheapest Non Owner Car Insurance In California

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Buying a low cost non-owner’s auto insurance policy in California can be a great option for drivers that frequently borrow or rent cars, get cars on lease or even those that do car ridesharing. Besides, such type of car coverage is also used by drivers to get their driver license reinstated post DUI/DWI offense convictions or some serious traffic violation.

Even if you are not eligible for the government subsidy program for auto insurance coverage offered to low income drivers, you can still get your car insured for a fairly lower price. The state mandated minimum liability-only coverage is your cheapest option and if you drive less annually, you can also consider purchasing pay-per-mile coverage for your vehicle which doesn’t cost much.

The cheapest company, which provides insurance covers to non-car owners, in California is Farmers that offers such coverage at an average yearly premium rate of $295. atozinsurances.com can enable you to know more regarding how non-owner auto insurance coverage works in the state of California.

Our experts have analyzed the average yearly non-owner vehicle insurance rates offered by different insurers in California. As a result, we are in a much better position to tell you as to whether you must buy this type of a car insurance policy and the situations in which you shouldn’t.

But before you are out to explore your options, it is vital for you to know the two broad categories of non-owner car insurance that is available in California State. They are as follows:

  • Standard non-owner auto insurance
  • SR-22 non-owner vehicle insurance

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How Much Does The Best Non Owner Car Insurance California Quote Cost?

Although the average non-owner’s car insurance rates per year for drivers in California are $461 per year, this cost is calculated for 40 year olds. A driver’s age is a crucial parameter in the calculation of premium and it can greatly impact overall affordability of the California auto insurance rates.

Apart from driver’s age, there are several other factors which also play an equally pivotal role in the determination of car insurance rates. These include driver’s gender, exact residential location, credit history, past driving record as well as the type, make and model of the vehicle that is to be insured and its safety and crash test ratings. The purpose for which the car is going to used is also important to auto insurance providers.

As mentioned earlier, the average yearly car insurance cost for 40 year old drivers is $461 and that for drivers with DUI/DWI convictions is $932 yearly. You must remember that non-owner vehicle insurance is a short term or temporary coverage and so, it will appear cheaper than a regular policy. But in reality, it is more expensive than a standard annual auto insurance cover. To get sustainable rates, you may have to do extensive shopping.

Who Should Buy A Low Cost Non-Owner’s Car Insurance Policy In California?

Buying an affordable non-owner auto insurance policy is a great option for the below mentioned categories of drivers in California.

  • Reinstatement of driver license – Conviction for a DUI/DWI offense or some other serious traffic violation can lead to suspension of driver’s license. To get the driver license reinstated, you will be required to provide proof for having valid insurance. When your driver is suspended for a DUI/DWI offense, your existing insurer can cancel your car coverage. In such a situation, a non-owner vehicle insurance cover may help you to get your license suspension revoked. And it may prove to be a more affordable option to a regular auto insurance policy.
  • Borrow cars/getting cars on rent/sharing cars frequently – If you need to borrow car from a friend or relative or get one on rent or use car sharing services on frequent occasions then buying a short-term non-owner car insurance policy will be a good option. Such type of car coverage will cover an accident which might result especially when you are driving a borrowed or rented vehicle. The policy has liability insurance coverage feature that covers the costs of treatment of bodily injuries caused to third party victims as well as repair/reconstruction of damaged property owned by a third party.
  • Don’t have a car at present but want to reserve continuity of coverage – If you have recently sold your car whose coverage is about to end and are yet to purchase a new vehicle then non-owner auto insurance can be used for preventing a possible lapse of coverage. A discontinuity in coverage can lead you to a situation wherein you are deemed to be a “high risk” driver and subsequent increase in car insurance rates.

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Know What All A Non Owners Car Insurance California Policy Quote Covers

Apart from liability insurance coverage feature that covers treatment costs third party bodily injuries and repair expenses of third party property damages, a non-owner auto insurance policy may also have the following optional coverage features.

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/Medical Payments Cover
  • Liability Insurance Coverage for borrowed and rental cars
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

As a non-owner car insurance policy doesn’t apply to any specific vehicle, it does not have collision and comprehensive coverage features. As a result, if you meet with an accident involving the borrowed or rented car then you may have to spend money for getting the non-owned vehicle repaired or its parts replaced on your own.

Besides, the costs for treatment of bodily injuries caused to you or any other driver as well as fellow passengers in the borrowed or rented vehicle will be covered during an accident or collision with another vehicle, animal hit or falling object only if you have purchased Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payments cover as an add-on feature to the policy.

The probability of getting into an accident or a collision can just never be ruled out for any driver regardless of his/her driving record is good or not. Since, there are some other options for securing temporary auto insurance coverage; it is always desirable to seek help from an expert. Such a move might enable you to arrive at an informed decision and make sure that your finances are adequately protected even while driving non-owned vehicles.

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5 Cheapest Companies That Offer Non Owner Car Insurance SR-22 California

One of the categories of drivers that are the most apt for buying a non-owner auto insurance cover are drivers who have been convicted for DUI/DWI offenses or some serious traffic violations leading to suspension of their driver’s license. Such drivers will be required to file for SR-22 certification with California State DMV. Nevertheless, to get the driver’s license reinstated, these drivers will have to provide proof of valid car insurance along with SR-22 certification. If you are a driver that belongs to this category but need to drive someone else’s vehicle, as your car’s insurance has been cancelled, then getting non-owner SR-22 car insurance is your most viable option.

The average yearly auto insurance rates provided for regular to drivers with DUI/DWI convictions in California is $2,441. But for non-owner car insurance covers, the average yearly premium rates offered for drivers with DUI/DWO offenses are cheaper at $941. Nevertheless, driver’s age, gender, residential location, car type and make to be insured, past driving record and credit history also impact California car insurance rates. Besides, premiums will also vary depending on type of insurer that is providing auto insurance. Here is some vital information pertaining to how average yearly car insurance rates for non-owner drivers with SR-22 certification vary by companies in California.

Cheapest Non-Owner SR-22 Auto Insurance Rates By Companies In California

Company NameYearly Car Insurance RatesMonthly Car Insurance Rates
State Farm$1025$85

* For members of U.S. military only

From the above table, it is evident that the top two cheapest non-owner SR-22 car insurance companies for drivers of non-military families with DUI/DWI offenses are:

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Who Should Not Think Of Purchasing California Non Owner Car Insurance?

While buying cheap non-owner’s car insurance is ideal for drivers that borrow cars or get them on rent frequently, want to get their driver’s license reinstated or intend to prevent a coverage lapse, it is not always worthwhile to get such type of an auto insurance coverage. For example, if you are a resident Los Angeles driver who wants to borrow car or get one on rent then the vehicle’s regular insurance policy will cover you even if you are not owner of the borrowed or rented car. You can drive such non-owned vehicle legally on road in California.

Alternatively, if you don’t borrow or rent cars frequently but rather do it occasionally once in a year or so then also you need not purchase non-owner auto insurance. For example, if you get a vehicle on rent once or twice during a year to go out of California for some work, the rental car company’s car insurance policy may cover you. But you need to check that before taking a decision as fleet auto insurance policies usually don’t cover unlisted drivers for accidents or collisions. In such a situation, it is desirable to have separate insurance coverage for the borrowed/rented car.

Here Is A List Of Important FAQS
The average yearly non-owner auto insurance cost for a 40 year old driver in California is $461and that for a driver of the same age with previous DUI/DWI conviction or some serious traffic violation during the last 3 years is almost double at around $932 per year. This is cheaper by about $381 than the average yearly cost of regular auto insurance coverage which is $842.
A non-owner auto insurance policy in California is meant to provide financial protection to drivers who are not the actual owners of the vehicles which they drive. Such type of a car insurance policy has liability insurance coverage and other minimum coverage requirements that are mandated by the California State DMV. Non-owner car insurance is ideal for drivers who borrow cars or get them on rent frequently or want to get their driver’s license reinstated which has been suspended because of a DUI/DWI conviction or due to some other serious traffic violation.

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