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What is Average Car Insurance cost for Single Mothers?

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Well, life as a single mother is definitely not easy. There are a number of responsibilities you need to take care of. Insuring yourself, your kids, and your property becomes even more important here.

Let’s discuss car insurance here. As much as a mighty investment the car is, insuring the car is quite important. However, you must know several important things before you select one insurance provider to close your car insurance deal.

Firstly, how much does car insurance for single moms cost? Firstly, you must know that if you are a single mother, you are entitled to several benefits that would reduce your cost for car insurance considerably.

Getting discounts with car insurance is quite tough, but as a single mother, it won’t be that tough for you. So, what is the average car insurance quote for single mothers? Well, it ranges between $118 and $260 for single mothers. Of course, the exact figure depends on the coverage type you go with, your age, your driving experience, etc.

But, you definitely pay less than a male. For instance, the average cost of car insurance for a male, 30 years old is $176.50, while for a female, it’s $168.42. So, around $8 less for a month.

Now, why this difference? Well, it could happen with anyone, but males and young people are more likely to go through unfortunate accidents. Stats do show the same. This is a major factor that subsides your insurance cost, specifically, if you are a single mother.

DemograhphicsAllstateGEICOProgressiveState Farm
30 y/o Male$176.50$86.75$136.08$102.83
30 y/o Female$168.42$89.83$130.75$93.50
45 y/o Male$159.92$80.17$105.08$86.00
45 y/o Female$161.75$79.83$111.67$86.00
55 y/o Male$151.67$76.00$99.67$81.50
55 y/o Female$153.42$75.75$105.92$81.50

Factors that might Affect Car Insurance Quotes for Single Mothers

Now, what are the factors that might affect car insurance quotes for you if you are a single mother? Well, you need to know that there’s a lot more than just age and gender. Keep reading.

  • Driving Record – Driving record is perhaps one of the most important aspects that affect single-mother car insurance rates. The cleaner your driving record is, the less premium you pay for the insurance. The more the number of violations, the more the number of tickets, the more premium you pay.
  • Credit Score – The importance of a good credit score when it comes to insurance premiums cannot be stressed enough. Make sure to try to maintain your credit score as it can subside your insurance rates considerably. Make sure to pay your premiums on time, and if possible, stay away from too many loans. More number of loans make it difficult for you to boost your credit score.
  • Your Location – Yes, insurance premium rates do vary as per the location. Some locations are accident-prone, which increases your premium. Of course, there might be any reasons for the same, but they don’t really matter here. It’s just that if the location you stay at has more accident records, you can expect the premium to be a bit on the higher side for you.
  • Marital Status -Single mothers do get discounts on car insurance, but a married couple pays less premium amount when compared due to several reasons.
  • Vehicle – If you own something like an expensive sports car, you pay higher premiums. While, if you own a cheap, yet car with several safety features, you pay less premium as the chances of accident and damage from the accident reduce considerably.
  • Vehicle’s Mileage & Distance Travelled – The more your car runs on the road, the more are the chances of an accident. Hence, if your car has traveled more distance and offers less mileage, the insurance premium rates would go a bit higher.
  • Children – In usual cases, children don’t affect insurance rates. However, if you have a child who is a teenager and is ready to drive, your insurance rates might increase.
  • Coverage – The type of coverage you prefer to go with matters a lot when it comes to premium rates. The high your coverage is, the higher premiums you pay. Hence, it’s necessary that you select your coverage type wisely.

You must be now clear with some major factors playing an important role when it comes to your car insurance premium rates. Yes, you are eligible to get discounts as a single mother, but the above factors can play an important role in terms of either increasing or subsiding your discounts.

Best Coverage Type for Single Moms

Firstly, what does the best coverage type mean? Yes, it does imply the extent to which the insurance covers you, but the cost factor is also to be considered here. You need to go with something that is cost-effective and still covers almost all sorts of damages.

Check out the best coverage type for single moms below.

  • Collision Insurance – This coverage type covers your car in case of an unfortunate accident.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance -This coverage type is an extension of collision insurance. Along with collisions, it also covers damages from fires, storms, thefts, etc. Eventually, it covers both, natural and man-made damages.
  • Personal Injury Protection -This coverage type covers you and your family after an accident. It implies that it pays for you and your children in case of any medical treatment required.
  • Roadside Assistance Plans – Unfortunate accidents might require something like battery jumps, car towing, gas refilling, gas replacement, windshield repair, etc. Roadside Assistance Plans cover the same. It is a reliable coverage type to save repair costs.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement – If your car is required to be totaled, Rental Car Reimbursement can pay you for the rental car. Again, it saves costs for you to a considerable extent.

It’s highly recommended that you somehow combine a couple of different insurance types. Yes, it might increase monthly premium rates for you to some extent, but the coverage would be efficient, and it will increase protection for you if you go through unfortunate accidents.

The above plans won’t only increase your long-term savings, but also make sure that you and your children are secured.

What are the Different Car Insurance Discounts for Single Mothers?

As mentioned, you are eligible to claim different discounts if you go with single parents auto insurance. However, you must know them in advance to ensure that you claim them.

So, what are the different car insurance discounts for single mothers? Check out the answers below.

  • Good Driving History – If you are a good driver, and if you have no history of accidents or violations, you can claim amazing discounts. The better your driving history is, the more the auto insurance companies will reward you with car insurance discounts.
  • Safety Features -If your car incorporates advanced safety features, the insurance companies would love to offer you discounts. The more advanced the safety features are, the fewer are the chances of damage from accidents, which means discounts for you.
  • Defensive Driving Course -Taking a defensive driving course is another reliable way of getting insurance with your car insurance rates. A course would mean that you have that grip on driving, and it reduces the chances of accidents. Hence, it would add a point in your portfolio, and hence, saving your insurance rates considerably.
  • Environmentally Friendly Car – Yes, insurance companies do award your efforts to keep the environment clean and green. If you have an environmentally friendly car, you can explain the same to the insurance provider and see if you are eligible to claim discounts.
  • Anti-Theft Features – In case, your car incorporates anti-theft features, you can explain them to the insurance provider. Here, the chances of your car getting stolen are few, and hence, insurance companies might provide you discounts with insurance rates.
  • Good Grades – If you have good grades, you can get discounts on your insurance rates. You can show your report card if you have good grades as most companies do reward them.
  • Military – If you are serving US military, you are eligible to get auto insurance discounts.
  • Discounts to Certain Occupations – Some auto insurance companies provide discounts to certain occupations like law enforcement, teachers, medical staff, etc.
  • Long-Term Customer – If you are a customer of the same auto insurance company for years, you can get discounts on car insurance.
  • Your Affiliation – You are a part of any organization that is a part of a sorority or fraternity can help you get good discounts on your car insurance policy.
  • Multi-Vehicles – If you own more than one vehicle, you can get them insured by the same company. Most companies do provide discounts when multi-vehicles are insured at the same time.
  • Multi-Policy – You can smartly combine different policies. It won’t only increase your coverage, but also reduce your insurance premiums. Hence, you get maximum coverage in a cost-effective way. However, you need to be a bit careful and smart here.
  • Vehicle’s Mileage – If your vehicle has less mileage, you can claim the discount for the same. The lower your mileage is, the less premium you pay.

Make sure to keep these scenarios in your mind. You can effectively use them to claim car insurance discounts and save considerable bucks.

Best Ways to Save for Car Insurance for Low-Income Single Mothers

For a single mother, saving bucks on car insurance is quite important. And you must be delighted to know that doing so is absolutely possible. You just need to be a bit alert and follow the right things to do so.

Read out some of the best and most reliable ways to save cost on single mother car insurance below.

  • Maintain a Clean Driving Record & Habits – This is one of the most important aspects that determine your cost and savings when it comes to car insurance rates. Make sure to maintain clean driving habits. It won’t only save you insurance rates, but also keep you safe from accidents.

    Avoid tickets, violations, and penalties, and make sure that you drive completely safe. It would maintain the good health of your car, which would again help you to claim discounts.
  • Explore & Compare Options – The pricing policies of different car insurance companies do vary. Hence, you will be getting different quotes from different companies. Make sure to explore a lot of them, and compare them well.

    Compare different options, study insurance norms, and select one that fits your bill the best. The more you compare, the better will be your chances of getting cost-effective car insurance a,nd that too with better coverage.
  • Negotiate Well – Make sure to negotiate well with the car insurance company and ask for discounts. Several car owners hesitate to do so, and it means a loss for them. Just keep the above scenarios in your mind, and if you fulfill any of them, do ask for discounts.

Know the type of discounts that you can claim well, and be sure to negotiate around them. Don’t hesitate to submit the required documents as they might be required.

Just keep these tips in your mind, and saving your bucks with car insurance rates will be easy for you. Yes, car insurance is a considerable investment, specifically, if you are a single mother, but it is absolutely necessary.

Here Is A List Of Important FAQS

Every state has its own rules and regulations for car insurance for single mothers. Also, things like driving habits, your age, your children’s age, etc. play an important role when it comes to benefits. Hence, you need to contact the insurance providers, explain your requirements, get price quotes, and then compare to figure out the best for yourself.

It is always better to put married on car insurance as couples do get discounts on car insurance policies. However, if you are single, make sure to know the areas where you can claim your discounts.

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