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It is possible to find companies that provide cheap auto insurance for postal workers. So, if you are a postal employee and have your own vehicle then you can get it insured for the lowest insurance rates. Postal employees are entitled to obtain a special federal employee car insurance premium discount. But only few insurers provide such type of a financial concession that enables saving money. However, the average postal vehicle insurance rates are very much similar to those that are provided for other categories of drivers. And the unique aspect of such discounted policies is that even group discount is available.

The United States Postal Services (USPS) is entrusted with the task of administering auto insurance covers for postal employees. If you want to get your vehicle insured at a discounted rate, it is vital that you seek services provided by the USPS. Group discount can be accessed only when multiple employees enrol with the same car insurance provider. The USPS maintains a list of products and services with discounts that they offer to postal employees. Nevertheless, to secure the best and the cheapest solution for postal employees, it is desirable to seek advice and guidance from experts for saving more.

To get the best cheap car insurance for postal employees, details of your postal code as well as occupation will be required. Normally, post office vehicles are covered for accidents by government auto insurance covers. But extensive shopping is needed to find the cheapest quote with adequate coverage for your vehicle. This means you will have to compare multiple free quote estimates and that is a challenging process. atozinsurances.com has the comparison tools which can reduce the rigors of the task and make things simple, easy and hassle-free for you. To get started with your shopping, contact us today!

What Types Of Car Insurance Discounts Are Provided To Postal Employees?

There are several different types of auto insurance discounts that are provided to postal workers by policies which are recommended by the USPS. Some of these may be as under:

  • Group policy discount – As many as 11 companies provide this discount on group car insurance covers. Both postal workers and officers can save up to 15% on premium along with free roadside assistance by qualifying for this discount type.
  • Safe driver discount – Drivers that have maintained clean driving histories free of any accidents or traffic violations can be eligible for a good or safe driver discount on premium. Alternatively, some insurers might offer cash rebates to drivers who have a spotless driving record. Most of the vehicle insurance providers provide this kind of premium discount to qualified drivers.
  • Age related discount – Drivers in postal services, who are nearing their retirement age, can be eligible to get a mature driver’s premium discount on their auto insurance coverage policy.
  • Low mileage discount -If you will drive less number of miles throughout the year (not more than 12,000 or 13,000 miles) then majority of the car insurance providers will extend a special discount. Only Ameriprise, 21st Century and Safe Auto don’t provide any premium discount for driving fewer miles annually.
  • Bundling discount – You can accrue additional savings by bundling your auto, home or renter’s insurance policies with the same insurer. Except Safe Auto, all other insurers offer premium discount on insurance policy bundle. Besides, the main advantage of bundling car, home or renters’ insurance coverage is that you will have to deal with just one single insurance company. You only need to make sure that the claims settlement services of the insurer with which you are working can be accessed 24/7. And the company is reliable and reputed.

Thus, most of the auto insurance providers could be willing to provide highly discounted packages to drivers that are postal employees. But still, to find the best car coverage at the right price is going to be a complicated, confusing and rigorous task. This is because each company will use different factors to assess coverage risks and additionally, premiums may also vary greatly depending on the state in which you live. Accident rates and theft rates vary from state to state making shopping very difficult. That is the main reason why you might need advice and assistance from qualified experts.

Study Current Trends In Postal Worker Car Insurance Rates With Help Online

The average auto insurance rates offered to postal employees will vary from company to company and also depend on the extent of coverage being sought. For example, GEICO provides the following per year car insurance rates for different types of car coverage features to drivers that are in postal services.

Coverage TypesAverage Yearly Car Insurance RatesAverage Monthly Car Insurance Rates

To start comparing postal drivers’ auto insurance coverage proposals and pricing contact us today!

While it is mandatory for all drivers in the United States to carry the state prescribed third party minimum liability coverage, if you are a rural mail carrier then you will need a full insurance cover. Comprehensive and collision coverage features will cover all damages within pre-determined limits should your vehicle meet with an accident get damaged with other vehicle(s). It will also pay costs for unexpected damages incurred by your car due to falling objects like trees or animal hit.

During the course of a free consultation with our expert, you can learn more about what all will be covered or not covered under the auto insurance policies which we provide.

List Of 4 Companies That Offer Car Insurance Discounts For Postal Employees

The below mentioned list of top national car insurance carriers are known for providing federal employee discount to eligible drivers.

  • Farmers
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MetLife

You can do detailed research regarding how much each of these companies provide as federal employee discount on auto insurance for postal workers. Our specialist will assist you in determining the exact amount of money that you can save by qualifying for several other discounts on premium. However, there are numerous factors which are taken into consideration for calculating premiums. Your age, gender, marital status, education, credit score, past driving record as well as the type, make and model of your vehicle can play a pivotal role in determining the overall affordability of auto insurance rates.

Among all the above mentioned insurers, GEICO is popular for providing the best and the lowest car insurance rates to postal drivers. And the company also provides some other incentives like student scholarships to drivers who are federal employees. In any case, majority of the vehicle insurance providers offer premium discounts for being a good and safe driver, safety features in vehicles and employees’ group policies. Find out if you are also eligible for a postal employee car rental discount by talking to an expert now!

There are ways for saving additional dollars on your postal employee’s car insurance policy. For example, if you have bad credit and are taking some effective steps to reduce your credit debts then most of the insurers may see this as a positive sign. On improvement of your credit score, you will be able to accrue extra savings on your auto insurance premium. Some companies may even provide a special discount on vehicle insurance premium to drivers that have good credit ratings as they are deemed responsible and less likely to file claims.

5 Types Of Coverage Mandatory Under USPS Car Insurance for Postal Employee

Some car coverage features are mandatory by law under USPS auto insurance policies as follows:

  • Third party bodily injury liability – Pays costs for treatment of bodily injuries caused to third party victims due to an accident involving the insured car.
  • Third party property damages liability – Pays costs for damages caused to some other person’s personal property due to an accident involving the insured car.
  • Uninsured motorist cover – Pays costs for damages resulting from an accident with another car whose driver or car is without any auto insurance cover.
  • Underinsured motorist cover – Pays costs for damages when the insured car meets an accident with another car whose driver is at-fault and does not have enough insurance coverage limits.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – Pays costs for treatment of bodily injuries suffered by the driver of the insured car when it gets involved in an accident with another vehicle regardless of whether he or she is at-fault or not.

All of the aforesaid coverage are part of a standard USPS auto insurance policy. But comprehensive and collision coverage features as well as medical payments cover are optional that postal employees can add to their car insurance policies. In addition, rural post office workers may also add commercial car insurance to their liability insurance coverage for cars as they are doing post-office related work. Learn more about finding the best as well as the cheapest federal discount car insurance quote for postal workers by talking to our experts today!

How To Find The Best Cheap Postal Car Insurance Policy Quote Online?

Finding the best as well as the cheapest auto insurance for postal workers can be a challenging task. But if you follow some important guidelines, the overall rigors of the process may be reduced and it will be easier for you to secure a solution that easily fits your budget.

To that effect, here are few things which you may consider for improving your chances of getting an affordable quote:

  • Know your state requirements – Every state has specified rules and regulations that apply to vehicle insurance for postal employees. You need to verify whether you meet those and also make sure with your chosen insurer that you are adequately covered.
  • Get and compare multiple quotes – For making an informed decision on your postal employee’s auto insurance cover, it is vital that you compare free quote estimates provided by several insurers. Such a move will enable you to know how much you can save without compromising on the coverage levels.
  • Buy a policy that covers your injuries – Such type of coverage feature will pay costs for treatment of bodily injuries caused to you when driving vehicle while doing duty.
  • Also add uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – If your postal employee’s vehicle insurance policy has uninsured motorist coverage feature then it will pay financial losses suffered by you in the course of an accident involving your insured vehicle by an at-fault driver of another car that is not insured or underinsured.
  • Review auto insurance policy regularly update it if required – It is crucial for you to understand what all is covered and not covered under your car insurance policy. If you have any questions about the coverage, contact your insurer.

Employees of the USPS are also eligible to get group health/life insurance coverage over and above discounted car insurance.

Here Is A List Of Important FAQS
There are several ways in which postal workers’ auto insurance will affect premium. Companies like GEICO may offer federal employee discount which is not available for drivers that belong to various other categories. As a postal employee, you may be travelling more on road and for insurers and so, the probability of meeting with an accident/crash is always there. It increases the coverage risks for insurers.

When a postal employee meets with a car accident off-duty, the car’s insurance company will cover the resulting damages. But if the car accident occurs while making postal deliveries, the damages may not be covered by the insurance provider. This is because standard auto insurance policies are meant for cars in personal use. So, postal employees have to purchase commercial insurance.

The basic requirements to get auto insurance for rural postal workers are very much similar to the ones that apply to drivers that use vehicles for the purpose of commercial activities. It means that when a rural postal worker uses his/her personal car for making postal deliveries, the vehicle needs special coverage. In rural areas, the accident probability is very low and so, the premium will be less.

Being a federal entity, the USPS is exempt from auto insurance laws of any state. However, all its vehicles are insured as per national law. So, drivers that drive the USPS vehicles are not required to carry any private car insurance. But the USPS coverage does not apply to employees if they use their personal cars for postal or mail deliveries.

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