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What is 24 hour car insurance?

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The term “24 hour car insurance” refers to vehicle coverage for a single day. Although most of the insurers do not provide auto insurance for one day, we can teach you the ways to get your vehicle insured fr such a short period of time. Such type of car coverage can prove to be useful when you get a car on rent or borrow someone else car for one day. You will get the financial protection that you need and enjoy real peace of mind while driving a vehicle that is owned by someone else.

A typical short term “one day car insurance” full coverage policy has the following features.

  • Liability insurance cover – Pays costs towards medical treatments for bodily injuries caused to 3rd party victim(s) in the event of an accident involving the insured car whose driver is at-fault.
  • Comprehensive car cover – Pays all costs for damages caused to the insured car as a result of an accident for reasons other than those that are already covered under the collision coverage feature.
  • Collision coverage feature – Pays costs for damages caused to the insured car due to falling objects on road such as trees or metal strike as well as collision with other vehicle(s).
  • Medical Payments cover – Pays costs towards medical treatments for bodily injuries caused to the driver and fellow passengers in the insured car at the time of an accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist cover – Pays costs for damages caused to an uninsured or even underinsured motorist who meets with an at-fault accident with the insured car.

There are several unique situations in which you can think of buying a 24 hour car insurance policy.

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What Is The Difference Between 24 Hour Car Insurance And A Regular Policy?

24 hour auto insurance policies are very much like regular car insurance covers. There is no real difference between the two but for the fact that in the former case, coverage is applicable only for a single day while in the later case, it will apply to the entire term that you choose-6 months or 1 year. Besides, in a single day vehicle insurance policy, a driver has the option to buy state prescribed basic liability-only coverage if he/she faces budgetary constraints. Comprehensive and collision features are part of a full coverage car policy which can be added to the cover.

As compared to 24-hour car insurance, regular or standard biannual or annual auto insurance will be more expensive. It is desirable to purchase 24-hour car insurance for a single day if you don’t drive a vehicle frequently but are required to drive for some occasion. We will see those situations which might prompt you to buy one day car insurance later. However, regardless of whether you are buying annual or single day auto insurance coverage, it is advisable to seek help from experts. Such a move will enable you not just to save time and money but make the shopping task less stressful.

The Different Situations That May Prompt You To Buy 24 Hour Car Insurance

There could be some unique circumstances in which you may be required to get one day vehicle insurance as follows:

  • Borrowing a vehicle – When you borrow a vehicle for a day’s time from some relative, friend, neighbor or even an acquaintance, it is desirable to buy one day car insurance. This is because the borrowed vehicle’s existing policy is unlikely to cover an unlisted driver for accidents or collisions.
  • Getting a car on rent – It is worth working with 24 hour auto insurance companies when you get a rented or leased vehicle to go out for some work outstation. Again even if the car Rental Company is having a fleet policy, it may not cover you due to your being an unlisted driver. In such a situation, 24 hour auto insurance coverage will grant you total financial protection.
  • Purchasing a new car – Yet another situation that may warrant you to purchase a 24 hour vehicle cover is when you have purchased a new car and want to drive it from dealership to home. This way you will get some time to explore the right type of annual insurance policy for your car.
  • Driving a classic car – Owners of classic or vintage vehicles don’t drive frequently expect for some occasion or exhibition. If you are owner of a classic car and want to drive it for some occasion or an exhibition for one day then you can consider buying a short term car insurance for a single day.

There can be several occasions that may require you to borrow a vehicle or get one of rent such as shifting your valuable belongings (jewellery, sculpture, etc.), medical emergency of a household member or going out for some urgent work outstation, etc. It is better to get the borrowed or rented car insured before you drive it on road as meeting with an accident while travelling is a real probability.

We can assist to find the best as well as the cheapest pay-as-you-go car cover online within few minutes of your applying online with us. In addition, we may also help you to explore other cheaper 24 hour auto insurance alternative like non-owner’s auto insurance coverage. Our experts will enable you to select the correct option for your unique driving needs and budget.

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Major Factors That Affect Chances Of Getting A Cheap 24 Hour Car Insurance

The average per day cost of a 24hr auto insurance full coverage starts from $10 onwards. But at an individual level, the premiums can vary greatly as numerous factors go into the premium calculation exercise. Here is a list of some important parameters that influence the premium rates which are provided for 24 hour car insurance policies by different insurers.

  1. Driver age and gender
  3. Driver’s driving record
  5. Driver’s credit history
  7. Level of coverage sought
  9. Make and model of the car

In addition, safety features in the vehicle that is to be insured as well as its safety and crash rating ratings will also play a pivotal role in how much you may have to pay for insurance coverage for one day. Insurers offer a variety of premium discounts to eligible drivers for annual car covers but you will have to check out whether such discounts are available for a single day auto insurance cover. You can talk to our experts to know more about your chances of qualifying for a discounted package.

A 24 hour auto insurance policy quote comes at a low cost since the coverage is only applicable for a day’s time. But drivers who are below 21 years in age might not qualify for so short a car coverage as many companies altogether refrain from providing temporary one day auto insurance to drivers who are less than 25 years old. Hence, it is vital that you first determine your eligibility to get benefitted with such a policy.


What Is The Main Benefit Of Buying A Low Cost 24 Hour Car Insurance Cover?

The major advantage of having 24 hour car insurance when you borrow or get a rental car is that such type of coverage applies for just one day. So, you don’t have to carry it later on after you have driven the borrowed or rented vehicle. And as the car coverage is for a very short duration, it turns out to be much cheaper than a standard and expensive biannual or yearly auto insurance policy.

For many of you, it might seem that getting an auto insurance cover for 24 hours is a new concept but it is not. You only need to identify the reason to borrow or get a rented car for buying 24 hour car insurance and see if you qualify. Remember, existing car owner and policy or fleet rental car policies are most unlikely to cover unlisted drivers for damages. A cheap 24 hour vehicle insurance can give you protection in such type of a situation.

Check Eligibility To Get Cheap 24 Hour Car Insurance For New Drivers Online

24 hour car insurance policies are distinctly different from other regular auto insurance covers. You need not have a very good driving record for getting a borrowed or rented car insured. The only vital criterion to buy such short term vehicle insurance for 24 hours is that you must be above 21 years in age and it could even better if you are over 25. To that effect, older and more experienced drivers with excellent driving histories are ideal candidates for one day auto insurance covers. But if you are a high risk driver with precious DUI/DWI or multiple traffic convictions on your driving record then majority of the insurers might write your policy for 24 hours.

Besides, every auto insurance provider that provides such very short term car covers will have different requirements for providing coverage. Therefore, the vehicle insurance rates will vary from company to company and so, to secure the best coverage at the lowest premium, you need to invest some time in extensive comparison shopping. To determine if you can get cheap 1 day car insurance coverage from one of the top national insurance carriers, you can talk to a competent local agent. We can help!

Find The Right 24 Hour Car Insurance Agency And Save Money With Online Help

By now you are aware that it is perfectly possible to get car insurance for as less as 24 hours. And as compared to a biannual or annual car policy, a one day auto insurance cover is much cheaper as the coverage is applicable for only one single day. You can save additional dollars on your premium by determining your eligibility to get benefitted with various premium discounts. There are some ways to enhance your chances of securing a discounted 24 hour vehicle insurance package. Taking up a defensive driver’s training course and driving a safer car can boost your probability of saving some extra money.

Buying a short term or temporary one day auto insurance cover is one of your most viable options when you don’t own a car but are required to borrow one from a friend or relative get one on lease from a rental company or a third party owner during an emergency situation. And by national law, it is mandatory for drivers to carry valid car insurance coverage to drive a vehicle legally on road. Every state prescribes minimum liability insurance coverage that drivers need to carry while driving cars.

Although 24 hour car insurance plans are cheaper, it is important that you do extensive shopping and compare several free quote estimates provided by top rated insurers in business for getting the best deal. Comparing multiple free quotes with regards to coverage features, levels and pricing is a complicated, confusing and strenuous task. But with specialist online assistance, the process may appear easy and stress-free. Our online comparison tool is designed to make your shopping process simple and hassle-free. To get started with the task of finding and comparing the best cheap free 24 hour car insurance quotes, you just need to enter your state’s zip code and complete a quick online quotes request form.

Here Is A List Of Important FAQS
It’s possible, but it’s extremely difficult. Even when you increase your deductibles, getting insurance with a down payment as low as $20 is a bit tough. However, you can nail all the points listed above, stay within the rules and regulations of your state, maintain a good credit score, and see what’s the best insurance quote you are being offered.
Car insurance down payment is something like a security deposit. In simple words, it is just a portion of the total insurance premium you are going to pay. The insurance companies use a down payment to initiate the process, and you pay monthly premiums after wise.
It depends on a number of factors. A number of things are required to be checked to determine the lowest you can pay for your car insurance. Hence, we recommend contacting a reliable insurance provider, giving the necessary details, and getting the exact price quote for your car insurance.

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